7 common problems derma rollers can fix

At some point in our lives, all of us will likely encounter an issue with our skin that we want to resolve. Derma rollers are a great tool to use in the quest for flawless skin as they can help to fix a number of common problems you might experience.

Here are just some of the problems derma rollers can fix:

1. Wrinkles and fine lines

Unfortunately, even the best of us start to show signs of ageing. The good news is, using a derma roller regularly helps to produce collagen and elastin. This then fills in your fine lines and wrinkles, reducing their appearance! So, while we can’t stop you from ageing completely, we can hold back the clock a little.

2. Acne scars

Acne scars are something that a lot of people suffer with, but you really don’t have to. As derma rollers produce collagen and elastin, this fills in any bumps left by acne scars. Micro-needling can produce results that are comparable with other forms of treatment, such as deep skin peels and lasers, but they don’t have the same associated downtime. Find out more about using a derma roller for acne scars here.

3. Stretch marks

All of us will likely get stretch marks as some point in our lives, and if you’d like to get rid of yours, derma rollers could be the answer. People who use derma rollers to treat stretch marks typically see results after 4 or 5 treatments. Find out more about how the derma roller can get rid of stretch marks here.

4. Uneven skin texture

As derma rollers help to regenerate new skin cells, using them regularly can really improve the texture of your skin. You’ll have fuller and younger looking skin in next to no time!

5. Hyperpigmentation and sun damage

Hyperpigmentation of skin cells can be caused by a whole host of factors – including excessive exposure to sunlight and hormonal imbalances. Derma rollers can help to reduce the appearance of colour spots by stimulating collagen production, creating new skin cells which gradually replace the hyperpigmented cells. For more information on how to treat sun damage and hyperpigmentation with a derma roller, click here.

6. Hair loss

As derma roller is primarily used to treat skin conditions, this one might come a bit of a surprise. When used on the scalp, derma rollers can stimulate the growth factors that are responsible for hair growth. You can find out more about how to use a derma roller for hair loss here.

7. Cellulite

In much the same way that derma rolling can fill in wrinkles and acne scars, it can also work to treat cellulite. Although the derma roller doesn't really make cellulite disappear, it can really improve its appearance by thickening the skin, making the cellulite underneath less visible.

How the derma roller works to repair skin damage

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