7 things you need to know about derma rollers

Derma rollers are a ‘must have’ tool for many beauty fans, as they can help to treat a multitude of skin concerns.

However, like any new or unusual skincare product, understanding what they actually do, how they work and how they should be used can seem confusing.
If you’re thinking about using a derma roller but want to get clued up before you try, here are 7 things you absolutely need to know!

1. A derma roller is exactly that!

It is a rolling barrel, attached to a handle. This barrel is covered in tiny metal needles which come in various lengths. The needle length you choose will depend on the skin concern you want to treat, as well as your dermarolling experience.

2. You roll these needles over your skin.

Derma rollers are mainly used on the face and neck, but you can use them anywhere on your body where you want to improve the condition of the skin.

3. The derma roller encourages the skin to form new collagen.

The process of dermarolling stimulates the production of new collagen and elastin. New layers of skin tissue are formed and these layers gradually move up towards the skin's surface, producing fresher, smoother healthy skin.

4. The derma roller can treat many skin conditions including stretch marks, scars, sun damage and wrinkles.

Derma rollers can also treat specialist skin complaints such as oversized pores and hair loss!

5. Using derma rollers in conjunction with specialist serums can boost the results.

After rolling your targeted area, complete the procedure by applying nourishing skin products to boost the results you want to achieve. For example, hyaluronic acid is great if you want to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, a witch hazel face mask can tighten stubborn pores and retinol serum can help fade stretch marks.

6. As can proper rolling technique!

It is advised that you run the roller in every direction over the skin. Start off by rolling side to side, before going top to bottom and them diagonally over the area, applying a medium amount of pressure.

7. It is important to keep your roller clean.

Derma roller needles pierce the skin, so you must keep your roller clean and sanitised between uses. For this reason, you must also cleanse your skin thoroughly before you use a roller so that no makeup or dirt is pushed into your skin.

If you keep these 8 things in mind, you are ready to start your journey into derma rolling to enjoy fresh, radiant skin! If you still want more tips or advice, get in touch with an expert member of our team online.

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