Instant tricks to fix tired, worn out skin

Many of us wish for bright, radiant, glowing skin. However, thanks to busy and often stressful lifestyles, it can be hard to achieve this look without masking your face with your favourite foundation.

If you want to feel confident showing off your skin’s natural complexion with pride, but are suffering from dull, tired, worn out skin, here are some instant tricks to fix it!

Take a nap

Lack of sleep can result in skin looking worn out and far from radiating that healthy glow we all want to achieve! Take the time to enjoy a nap, even if it is just for 20 minutes or so! It can give your skin and your body the boost of energy it needs.

Drink water

Reaching for the largest water bottle you can find can also help to instantly revive tired skin. Hydrated skin means healthy skin, so ensure to top yourself up with water regularly throughout the day. Try to make a habit of drinking more to keep skin looking better for longer.

Cleanse with a refreshing product

Once you’ve caught up on sleep and have quenched your thirst, it’s time to tackle the skin directly! Use an invigorating cleanser with ingredients such as peppermint or lemon to wake you and your skin up, removing any old makeup and leaving it feeling fresh.

Get moisturising

Treat your face and neck to a large helping of your favourite cream or serum - one which won’t irritate your skin but will keep it feeling smooth and moisturised after your deep cleanse. Using a facial mist can also give you the extra hydration boost your skin needs when it is especially tired and worn out.

Invest in a good face mask

If you have a little more time, use a specialised face mask to clean out any impurities and restore vital nutrients to your skin. Ingredient such as seaweed and ginseng can revive dull skin instantly.

Use a derma roller

Derma rollers encourage blood circulation, new skin fibre and collagen production, something which is essential for a bright, radiant complexion! Investing in a derma roller kit can make tired skin a thing of the past, especially when used alongside these other skin boosting techniques!

We have a range of derma rollers in different needle sizes, including various kits that come with serums and products to increase their effects further. Take a look online and keep worn out skin at bay, for good!

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