The five biggest skincare and beauty trends this year

Here at the Derma Roller Store, there’s nothing we love more than new beauty and skincare trends. It’s an ever changing world, so we’re here to help you stay ahead of the curve. Here are the top trends that everyone will be trying in 2017.


Yep, you heard that right. Pinterest found that searches for ‘charcoal’ increase by over 300% at the start of the year. Activated charcoal is becoming popular in the world of beauty and skincare thanks to its detoxifying properties. It’s most commonly found in skin masks, but it’s also being used in haircare products too.

The natural look

The beauty world has been all about laying it on thick for a while now. Heavy eyebrows have been all the range, contouring has taken the world by storm.

We predict that this love of make-up might slow down a bit in the remainder of 2017. More celebs have been spotted out and about and at award shows rocking a beauty look that’s a little more scaled back.

With this in mind, we think the natural beauty look will be a big hit in the months to come. Let your natural beauty shine!

At home skincare tools

Forget traipsing to the salon every time you need a skincare treatment. Technology is advancing all the time, and now many at-home tools rival those found in salons and spas.

In 2017, more people will be opting for a DIY process to beauty treatments like laser hair removal.

Hyaluronic acid

There’s no getting away from hyaluronic acid at the moment! It’s become somewhat of a buzz ingredient in the world of skincare and beauty.

Hyaluronic acid is sometimes dubbed ‘the fountain of youth’ for its anti-ageing properties - it helps to retain over a 1000 times its weight in water within the cells of skin, making it an excellent moisturiser.

Hyaluronic Acid is it’s being found in all manner of skin care products – from moisturising creams to water gels.

Derma rollers

The quest for flawless skin doesn’t end with facemasks and night serums. Derma rollers are a great way to get perfect, plump skin – if we do say so ourselves.

We predict that more and more beauty addicts will be getting on board with derma rolling in 2017. If you’re feeling inspired, you can browse our range of products here.

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